Friday, January 15, 2010


Cooper was been found and is at home. A group of Kindergardeners from the Waldorf School were on a field trip to the woods near PJs BBQ. Cooper thought the kids would be more fun to play with then the deer. One of the kids in the group his Mom use to work with Andy and knew that Cooper was missing. Animal control came and got him and he is now home SAFE and SOUND. He is a little skinnier and very smelly, but all that can be fixed. He is home and everyone is SO happy.

Thanks for all the prayers and help searching for him.

Poster Boy for Finding Cooper

Nicky is the official 'poster' boy for finding Cooper..


We are offering a reward for any information leading to Cooper being returned home.

Saturday is going to be a beautiful day for a walk in the woods. Please come out and help us search for him in the woods behind 4Winds and the Weathervane. Will be meeting at 9AM at the enterance to Hemlock Trail, across from Racino. Please come out anytime during the day that you are able to. We ask that you pass this on to anyone who might be able to help in locating Cooper.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Saturday Search party

With the help of everyone (including dawgdom) we are planning on meeting Sat Jan 16 at 9AM at Helmock Trail. The entrance is on Crescent Ave across from Racino.

Wednesday we had a few sightings of a dog in the woods behind 4Winds and the Weathervane Restaurant. So we are planning a large search party to help locate him.
Please pass the word so we can find Cooper in that big area.

Help find Cooper

This site is to help coordinate the location of Cooper.

He is a light colored Golder Retriever that wnet missing at the Saratoga Dog Park on Mon Jan 11 at 8PM. There have been spotting of him behind 4 Winds of Saratoga and Saratoga Honda. This is a very large area where he could be 'playing' with the deer and animal.

We are hoping to organize a group search of the woods on Sat and ask for any and all help you cana give us.

If you have any info on this missing dog please call Andi or Don at 258-5727cell or email